Refuse / Trash / Bulk Items

Refuse Collection Requirements

Trash Disposal Flow Chart


Trash will only be collected from the city-issued trash carts, which have black lids.  No extra bags or cans will be collected. Each customer is issued one 96 gallon (Large) trash cart. Smaller sizes may be selected by customers.

Sizes Available

Large96 gallons
Medium64 gallons
Small32 gallons

Location of Collection

Trash carts shall be placed at the curb or alley by 7 am for collection. No garbage shall be set out more than 24 hours prior to Collection Day.

Bulk Items

Flow Chart describing how to dispose of bulk items

One to three (1 - 3) bulk items may be set out for collection per week. Bulk items include discarded appliances, furniture, metal, water heaters, rolled carpet, mattresses, plumbing fixtures and other large items too large for trash carts .  Bulk items will be picked up when placed at normal trash collection locations on Collection Day. Items too large for the truck, such as swing sets, garage doors, etc. must be dismantled into small sections. Extremely large or heavy items will not be collected (pianos, etc.)

Unacceptable Materials

The following are items that will not be collected by the Sanitation Department:

  • Eviction piles, move-out piles, or excessive amounts of bulk items
  • Needles (sharps) not in a puncture proof container (Sharps Disposal (PDF))
  • Concrete, rocks, bricks, and dirt
  • Construction and demolition materials including roofing, plaster, dry wall, lumber, etc.
  • Trees, stumps, large bushes
  • Hazardous materials and liquids including paint, pesticides, gasoline, herbicides, etc.
  • Material transported into the City from outside the corporation limits
  • Tires

Properly Separate Materials

Keep yard waste and recyclables separate from regular trash.