General Tax Information

Filing Dates

Final tax return for the preceding year
April 15
First quarter estimated tax payment
April 15
Second quarter estimated tax payment
June 15
Third quarter estimated tax payment
September 15
Fourth quarter estimated tax payments for businesses
December 15
Fourth quarter estimated tax payment for individuals
January 15
  1. Income Tax Refund
  2. Extended Payments
  3. Delinquency Costs
  4. Board of Review

For individuals younger than 18 years of age, the evidence must be furnished by a driver's license or birth certificate. A copy is permissible.

For Piqua withheld taxpayers living out of town, whose entire earnings, or a portion of their earnings, are derived from activities outside Piqua, a refund request form must be completed by the non-resident and certified by the employer before any refund will be issued.