Local Preference Statement

Ordinance No. 12-05




BE IT ORDAINED by the Commission of the City of Piqua, Miami County, Ohio, the majority of all members elected thereto concurring, that:

SEC. 1: Section 34.22 of the Piqua Code to establish a Local Preference Purchasing Program, which was passed by the Piqua City Commission on September 4, 2001 in the procurement of certain commodities and non-professional services is hereby enacted to read as follows:

Section 34.22 – Local Preference Purchasing Program

A. Definitions

“Commodities” are goods that can be purchased from a manufacturer or their representative and which are purchased by the City in amounts greater than the amounts required to be bid in the Charter.

“Non-Professional Services” are janitorial and general maintenance service orders including those for fleet management, buildings, and mowing. In addition, City printing services would be included in this category. Any prevailing wage project would not be considered part of this definition.

City Bidder/Supplier” means a corporation, sole proprietorship, partnership, or joint venture who maintains a place of business within the corporate limits of the City of Piqua as now established, or as hereafter established in the manner provided by law, and has filed or paid a payroll or earnings tax to the City of Piqua in the most recent tax quarter. When proof of situs is required, the City Bidder/Supplier shall authorize the Department of Income Tax to release the necessary information.

B. Local Preference

In awarding purchase orders for commodities and non-professional services, the City of Piqua may grant a local preference to City Bidder/Supplier within the City. In determining the lowest responsible bidder or supplier, a 5% local preference on all local bids exceeding the lowest, responsible, non-City Bidder/Supplier bids may be computed on the amount of the low bid meeting specifications by a non-City Bidder/Supplier. The preference may be applied up to a maximum of 5%, but not to exceed $10,000.00.

C. Ties

Ties between City Bidder/Supplier and one or more non-City Bidder/Supplier(s) meeting specifications shall be broken in favor of the City Bidder/Supplier.

Ties between two or more City Bidder/Suppliers(s) meeting specifications will be broken through a coin toss method until the winner remains.

D. City Manager Authorization

The City Manager or his designee may promulgate rules and regulations to implement this ordinance provided they are not inconsistent with the expressed provisions of this ordinance.

E. Savings

This ordinance may be subject to the application of the laws of the State of Ohio or the United States of America which may preempt all or a portion of this ordinance.