Electric Rates

Listed below are the basic rates for electricity from the Piqua Municipal Power System. Other factors that may affect the total amount charged to customers include adjustments for changes in the cost of fuel and purchased power, Ohio Excise Tax (kilowatt-hour Tax), use of radio-activated shutoff devices, adjustments for primary metering, and adjustments for primary services.

Electric & Demand Rates

Residential Service:
Customer Charge$15.00
Energy Charge$0.09969 per kilowatt-hour
Minimum ChargeEqual to Customer Charge

General Power Service

Commercial: Customer Demand 5 kilowatt-hour to 500 kilowatt-hour
Minimum Customer Charge$20.00
Demand Charges$0.00 less than 5 kilowatt

$15.90 kilowatt demand abov 5 kilowatt 
Energy Charge$0.1111 per kilowatt-hour - First 600 kilowatt-hour

$0.048 per kilowatt-hour - Over 600 kilwatt-hour

Industrial: Customer Demand 500 Kilowatts or More
Minimum Customer Charge$65.00
Demand Charge$15.15 per kilowatts demand
Energy Charge$0.04750 per kilowatt-hour - First 200,000 kilowatt-hour

$0.04557 per kilowatt-hour - Over 200,000 kilowatt