Code Piqua

City of Piqua Development Code Draft

Zoning Map Draft

The City of Piqua Development Department has published a full draft of its Development Code update and a corresponding draft zoning map for public viewing. Development codes provide minimum standards for construction in the city and guide development toward the stated goals of the community’s plans. This code will help Piqua achieve greater walkability, downtown growth and revitalization, adaptive reuse opportunities, and greater design quality and beauty within the city.

Any who wish to provide feedback on the draft can email Kyrsten French, Piqua City Planner, at

The Development Code is divided into eight articles that encompass all topics currently found in the Code of Ordinances, Title XV: Land Usage, including subdivision standards, floodplain regulations, sign code, historic preservation, and zoning code standards.

General Provisions: Displays the legal requirements of the code.

Zoning Districts: Introduces a pallet of 26 districts, compared to the current code that has 11 districts. These additional districts facilitate the context-sensitivity required to protect and enhance Piqua’s neighborhoods and business districts. These districts provide form-based rules; meaning setbacks and height are only two of the design tools used to help shape buildings. In downtown Piqua, buildings will pull up to the street using a “build-to” area. Requirements for front entryways and parking locations will ensure the downtown stays walkable over time.

The current zoning code attempts to use a suburban approach in traditional neighborhoods. The draft Development Code is encouraging the charm and continuance of dynamic traditional neighborhoods with corner stores, mixed uses, and density, and preserving safe and interesting walking trips to downtown from these locations.

Use Standards: Provides clear standards for individual uses that may require additional consideration over and above the form-based characteristics of the zoning district. For example, rules for downtown business uses to promote activity and liveliness of the district and siting of school facilities within close proximity to residents served.

Development Standards: Illustrates additional site and building-specific design standards, installing landscapes, construction of drive-thru and parking lots, permissible building materials and elements, permitted signage, and other site features. Fence installations will now require a permit, which will help both the City and the homeowner communicate plans and expectations to prevent future issues with neighbors.

Environmental Protection: An introduction of a balanced approach to tree preservation ensures that tree canopy can be maintained for future generations, and a minimum development buffer for riparian areas like streams and rivers to prevent erosion and promote the growth of native trees and plants.

Subdivision and Streets: The development of greenfield lands into completed places with functioning roads, buildings and infrastructure begins with planning the layout of lots, future right-of-ways, and the locations of other necessary infrastructure. Standards within this article ensure the long-term viability of the decisions made in the early stages of development and serve to protect the interests of the future users and owners of the site, as well as affected neighbors. 

Administration: Outlines the administration of the code.

Definitions: Provides a single glossary of terms for easy navigation.

The initial stakeholder engagement for this project and the associated Transportation Plan commenced in 2018 and 2019, drafting in the following years, and now with the full draft available, the final public review and comment period has begun.

The Piqua Planning Commission will host a public comment forum on November 8, 2022, at 6:00 PM at 201 W. Water Street. The item is expected to go on the Planning Commission’s December 13, 2022, meeting agenda for a recommendation to the City Commission, who would then hear the item as an ordinance change beginning in January.